John, Ellie, & Shelby


We’re a family of four including our dog Beaux living in a 42 ft camper. John the pipeline worker can be found at the local Ju Jitsu gym when he’s not working or exploring new places with his family. Ellie the toddler can almost always be found stirring up trouble with her rambunctious puppy Beaux. If they’re not making a mess, wrestling, or chasing each other around the camper then they’re outside playing at the park or on a walk with their mom, Shelby. When Shelby is not cleaning up Ellie and Beaux’s messes or chasing them around then you can find her working out, reading a book, or writing a blog/Instagram post. When they’re all together they’re reading books, praying, playing outside, exploring new places, and planning their next big adventure.

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